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Will the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 8) restore the market's confidence in Apple?

Posted by Unlock Editor. on

Markets are not rational. They get spooked too easily, and often, on the flip-side, they stay bold for too long. But since 2007 we are in an age of economic uncertainty. Black Swans are forming in flotillas and paddling in circles around the shivering centre of the global economy. Crisis, and the potential for more crises, are making everyone jumpy.

This partly explains why Apple's results for the last quarter, with a mere $10 billion profit, (which is, as has been pointed out, more than Facebook, Google, and Microsoft combined!), disappointed analysts: the sales of iPhone units was dropping off.

This has led the economic boffins and iPhone trend watchers to believe that there is a possibility that the iPhone 7 will be followed by the iPhone 8 in 2017, and that the latter unit will have the same revolutionary updates that so defined the earlier iPhones from the rest of the mobile market.

There are many rumours doing the rounds on Internet forums that tease what the new iPhone 8 will include: perhaps a curved display, the home button on its display so more front space could be given over to virtual interaction, the possibility of remote charging over wi-fi networks, or rapid charging with a plug and socket. It might also be made entirely out of glass, and it will most likely be waterproof too.

But here Apple might face a small marketing problem. Just as deflation encourages people to refrain from spending money in the expectation that tomorrow's goods will be cheaper, the same principle applies here: people might perceive that it is worth waiting for the iPhone 8 at the expense of the iPhone 7.

So will the analysts be in for more disappointment in the coming year as we approach the iPhone 8 release date? (And will it even be called the iPhone 8?) Bear in mind that in developing countries, competitor phone technology is eating into Apple's market share (especially in countries like China, where an iPhone is nearly a month's wages. Substitutes are beginning to appear).

One thing we at Unlock my iPhone have said time and again is that you can never write off a company as innovate as Apple. They don't just dominate in the mobile market, but in the apps market as well. And with Apple Cars being developed, it seems that there are probably plenty of interesting surprises in the near future to roll out!

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