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Got yourself an iPhone 7? Want a new headphone socket? Don't try this at home!

Posted by Unlock Editor on

We at Unlock are always on the look out for Apple-related news, especially with the revolutionary iPhones. And hot on the release of any new iPhone models come the rumours and the spoofs and the tricks that these days can earn their creators substantial money on video hosting sites like Youtube. 

And this latest wheeze is one of our favourites. Whilst it's not a malicious phishing attempt, it could still damage or destroy your iPhone (if you are daft enough to believe it).

To be fair to the creator of this particular video, one Taras Maksimuk, damaging iPhones is his niche (watch what happens when he puts an iPhone 7 into a microwave or submerges it in liquid nitrogen: both ways of unlocking an iPhone that we've never tried before and would no doubt leave you with second degree burns or severe frostbite respectively - although our unanimous prediction in the office was wrong on the submerging attempt). 

You can see the video here!

But the truth is (according to the Guardian newspaper), that many people have actually gone and tried to drill a new head phone socket into their expensive new iPhone 7s! (Some of the frustrated Youtube comments below the video contain language that would make a drunken sailor blush!)

It should go without saying that drilling into anything that contains a lithium-ion battery and works through the tried and tested principles of electronics is generally not a good idea, and perhaps it is saying more about the current levels of STEM training in our schools that anyone could even think this is a good idea! 

Having said this, for Taras, the figures work out: he might make a return of anything between £8,000 and £28,000 from his near 10 million views! Now just imagine what he could do if he signed Katie Price up as his co-star!