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Only two days to go before the 7 is released! Are you excited?

Posted by Unlock Editor on

Well, the long wait is nearly over! We at Unlock have been getting all 'a-tremble' over the release of the next iPhone model - the 7. Anyone who has read our blog will know that we have been following the development of this new gadget with interest - will it be the game changer we all hope? Let's examine the rumours. 

Unlocking the mystery of the iPhone 7 and what it will introduce to the market has been a detective tale of examining patents, inventory manifests, and separating the wheat from the chaff amongst the online clamour that is made up of 90% rumour and 5% fact, with the remainder 5% left in to hedge our bets. 

Firstly, it looks likely that there will be five colours to choose from, (according to analysts at KGI Securities who have a proven record for getting predictions right about Apple's innovations). The same report goes on to suggest that some colour variants might be limited to the more expensive versions of the iPhone 7, with greater processing power for a faster performance. With the inclusion of the A10 chip, speed will be enhanced across the handset as a whole. KGI also document the camera upgrade too. Ever clearer pictures seem to be the order of the day here.

And, there's the question of 'the jack!' This has divided intent opinion and there are signs that Apple have taken this on board (they are apparently looking to include adapters and new headphones for consumers). Yet the costs here are probably outweighed by the benefits: the speakers will make use of the extra space this allows, and the touch screen itself looks to be improved. The change in the jack should also go some way to 'waterproofing' the iPhone, giving it the same protection as the Apple Watch.

A lot rides on the iPhone 7. Apple's sales have slowed in the last year, and the phone makes up 60% or so of Apple's revenues. Still, the company remains a hotbed of innovation and with its vast capital reserves it has the ability to translate their vision into reality. Coming so soon after the iPhone SE, who knows if this model will be the game-changer an impatient public will want (and Apple are reportedly getting a game-changer ready for 2017 in the iPhone market), but even so, Apple has other cards still to play: at the same presentation as the iPhone 7s release will be the Apple Watch (Mark 2!), and likely an announcement about the new Beats headsets that have garnered so much attention.

Well, on Wednesday 07th we should find out.

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