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Unlock my iPhone powers up our batteries - future style!

At the end of February, we at Unlock my iPhone have something to look forward to (and I don't mean just this year, with it being a leap year and hence the one time when handsome males can expect to be proposed to - but that, like last time, didn't happen! I'm still waiting, but [...]

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Is Apple right to refuse the FBI's request to unlock an iPhone?

Is it right for Apple to refuse the FBI's request to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist? Take part in our poll.The last few weeks have seen a spat growing up between the FBI and the technology community in California. Big guns have lined up on opposite sides: even 'The Donald' has fired [...]

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Unlock my iPhone ponder the new leak of the iPhone 7: remote charging.

One thing that seems to be constant in our offices at Unlock my iPhone is the vast twisting, seething, spitting cables that coil beneath our desks and seek to wrap themselves around our ankles in crushing constrictor like-embraces in an attempt to trip us up as we leave for luncheon (or, as one young lady [...]

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iPhone Unlock team revisit 1970. Don't try this at home!

Back in 1970, things were cool! And I don't mean that because of Global Warming either - Stone the Crows, Syd Barret, and Marvin Gaye were lighting up the charts. It was the decade of hair and Steve Jobs was celebrating his 15th birthday. In the UK, the age of majority was lowered from 21 [...]

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Unlock my iPhone 6 - Error 53!

We at Unlock my iPhone are always intrigued by the cult of Apple. It seems that never a day goes by when there isn't some news about them and what they are up to. Sometimes it's good news, and on occasion it's bad.Recently, we had a bad one, which served the Apple-haters view that Apple [...]

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Unlock my iPhone wonder about the latest iPhone 7 news.

Even before the iPhone 6 came out, many people were already gossiping about what the iPhone 7 would hold in store for us. (Personally speaking, I can't wait until the iPhone 8, with its holographic broadcasting and virtual reality immersion. Did I mention it looks set to include a time travel widget too? Or perhaps [...]

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Carnage on the global markets! iPhone sales down! We're all doomed (Again!)

Here at Unlock my iPhone, we consume a wide variety of news. We find it keeps us healthy having different exposures to different media outlets, who each pedal their various agendas to us in all their subtle ways. For example, on the Left we have the Guardian and the BBC, and on the Right we [...]

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Unlock my iPhone present a cost comparison of iPhone apps with yesteryear's technology.

I believe it was Arthur C Clarke, that great British sci-fi author and originator of the satellite concept, who coined the phrase that "any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." This was a line oft-quoted in the office this Friday morning by the Unlock my iPhone editorial team (or, 1 man in front of mirror [...]

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Unlock my iPhone reveals five of our favourite most expensive Apps.

We at Unlock my iPhone like to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's going on amongst Apple products. So we decided to compile a short list of the most expensive iPhone Apps available.The App store is home to approximately 1.6 million Apps, that have been downloaded more than 60 billion times. So it's [...]

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SCAMWATCH: New Iphone scam alert.

In this modern age where everything we do in the real world is echoed in the virtual one it is becoming a question of when, and not if, we will be subjected to scams that attempt to steal value from us in one way or another. This might be a phishing attempt to gain access [...]

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