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Our promise to you when we unlock your iPhone 5s:

The price you will pay to unlock your iPhone 5s will NOT differ from that advertised above. There are NO hidden charges in our service.

We also offer a full refund guarantee for any iPhone 5s that we fail to unlock.

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Why should I unlock my iPhone 5s?
How do I know if my iPhone 5S is locked or not?
What steps should I take before I unlock my iPhone 5s?
How do I tell if my iPhone 5s is blacklisted or ‘bricked’ prior to unlocking?
Am I allowed to unlock my iPhone 5S? Is unlocking a 5s legal?
How do I find my iPhone 5s’s IMEI number to begin the unlocking process?
Common misconceptions about unlocking the iPhone 5s.
What other networks can you unlock for my iPhone 5s?
Unlocking the iPhone 5s: Some interesting facts about the handset.

Why should I unlock my iPhone 5s?

There are many benefits to having your iPhone unlocked so you can use it on a network of your choice.
Unlocking your iPhone 5s allows you to move to a cheaper network tariff. Simply insert the SIM card of the network of your choice into the unlocked 5s and take advantage of the cheaper rates. It is not just a cheaper rate that changing network can mean for you however: coverage issues are also dependent on networks, so changing them might give you better reception on your unlocked iPhone 5s in your local area.

An unlocked 5s can also sell for more money than one that is married to a network, as a buyer can use the SIM card and network of their choice with the second hand handset. If you see what happens to the price of a used handset on the release of a new iPhone model, then it makes sense to preserve as much value as you can by getting it unlocked before you sell it on.

And if you’re fond of travel around Europe or further afield, then an unlocked iPhone will allow you to take your 5s with you and use foreign networks to avoid any hideous roaming charges.

It is also the case that having an unlocked iPhone 5s will allow you to take advantage of any good deals that are on the market, as you can jump onto networks that offer such incentives such as free minutes and texts. The money saved is the obvious advantage here, though to make serious savings users do have to be quite proactive in their bargain hunts, which might not be for everybody.

How do I know if my iPhone 5s is locked or not?

When you buy a second hand iPhone 5s it is always better to have it unlocked so you can use it on your preferred network. To check the status of the handset and to see if it is locked/unlocked, then simply go to SETTINGS > MOBILE > MOBILE DATA NETWORK. If the iPhone 5s is locked, then the last of those options won’t appear.

But the best method to see if your iPhone 5s is unlocked already is simply to substitute its original SIM card for one of your own from a different network. If you can then use it successfully on restarting the handset, then your iPhone 5s is already unlocked. If the iPhone 5s is still locked, it will say: “SIM not valid,” on the display.

What steps should I take before I unlock my iPhone 5s?

At Unlock, we would advise that everyone takes the following actions before they order an unlock service from us (or anyone else!) for their iPhone 5s.

Firstly, check if your iPhone 5s is already unlocked by the methods outlined above. Many people presume their handsets are locked automatically, yet this isn’t always the case. Secondly, (and if the iPhone 5s is locked), then it is recommended that you back up all the handset’s data - photos, videos, and contacts etc. This can be done through iTunes and the iCloud. Once that is done then you can find the iPhone 5s IMEI number (see our section on how to do this below). After that, and if you are not sure, then you can verify the model of the iPhone in your possession by checking the back cover of your iPhone and seeing the A1*** identification near the bottom. The iPhone 5s should be one of the following: A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533.

The final step you should take before unlocking your iPhone 5s is to ensure that the iPhone isn’t blacklisted. Only carriers and networks can blacklist an iPhone 5s so you will need to check it with them to confirm the status of the iPhone. If the handset is blacklisted, then we at Unlock my iPhone can’t help you unlock it, I’m afraid.

How do I tell if my iPhone 5s is blacklisted or ‘bricked’ prior to unlocking?

iPhones that are lost or stolen and have been reported as such by their original owner are blacklisted to prevent them being used. You should always check before you purchase a second-hand iPhone 5s whether this is the case and there are generally two ways of doing this.

The first way is to insert a SIM card from the same network that the iPhone was originally locked to. If it works, it shouldn’t be blacklisted. The second way is to use a third-party checking service, and we would refer you to Checkmend, a useful website for determining the status of iPhone handsets. It isn’t free however, and each check costs £1.99. Still, if it saves you spending £40 on a useless handset that has been bricked by its network, then it is money well spent. So if you are buying a second hand iPhone 5s then please ask the seller for the IMEI first and do the check!

Again, it is worth noting here that if your handset is blacklisted, then we cannot unlock your iPhone 5s.

Am I allowed to unlock my iPhone 5s? Is unlocking a 5s legal?

Unlocking your iPhone 5s is NOT illegal in any way, so long as you own the handset (so you have finished paying off your contract or you purchased the iPhone 5s outright). If you are still in the process of paying off the contract, then we would advise that you check with your carrier first to be sure of where you stand.

How do I find my iPhone 5s’s IMEI number to begin the unlocking process?

To unlock your iPhone 5s, you will need to provide us with the IMEI number. Every phone and mobile broadband device has a 15 digit IMEI number that is unique to that handset. To find the IMEI, simply take your iPhone 5s and dial the following (without needing to press ‘call’):


The iPhone’s IMEI will then be displayed.

If this doesn’t work, then all is not lost. You can still find the IMEI on an iPhone 5s by simply looking at the back cover. Finally, if that’s obscured or scratched beyond recognition, then open the iPhone 5s and go into SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT > IMEI.

Another way to find the IMEI for your iPhone 5s is via connecting it to iTunes via your PC or Mac. Go to DEVICES > YOUR IPHONE > SUMMARY and the IMEI should be displayed.

Common misconceptions about unlocking the iPhone 5s.

We often receive emails off people who ask us when they can expect to receive their unlock code after purchasing our services to unlock their iPhone 5s. We DO NOT SEND UNLOCK CODES OUT as our unlock procedure does not work in this way: we unlock your iPhone 5s at IMEI level on Apple’s database. Once that is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation from us telling you how to complete the process via iTunes with your new SIM card.

Sometimes, people confuse our unlocking service for the iPhone 5s with what is called Jailbreaking. This process is very different to an IMEI unlock and is actually based around removing the software restrictions on Apple’s iOS systems. The legal basis of this is shaky as it can crossover into Copyright infringement, depending on how the iPhone is used later on, but it is something that we at Unlock my iPhone do not offer, and we never have. Messing around with the iOS of an iPhone 5s in pursuit of a Jailbreak can leave the unit vulnerable to exploitation by third parties, and will obviously void your warranty.

What other networks can you unlock for my iPhone 5s?

We can actually unlock a number of networks for the iPhone 5s, but we offer the best service on UK networks. If you have a particular network that you do want us to unlock, (UK, European, or beyond) please contact us and we’ll get back to you with a quote and estimated time.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s: Some interesting facts about the handset.

First released in the United Kingdom on September 20th, 2013, the iPhone 5s included some major internal upgrades on those of its predecessors, and saw the introduction of TouchID, the fingerprint recognition system that allows users to confirm App and iTune Store purchases, as well as allowing them an easy way of unlocking the home screen. Being the first phone to contain a 64 bit processor with its Apple A7 Chip, loading time and processing speed saw a significant improvement from what had gone on before. (It’s funny to think that a 64 bit processor was the power behind the Cray supercomputers back in the 1970s).

On a software front, the iPhone 5s was the first to be shipped with iOS 7, with the interface designed by Apple guru Jony Ive, and offered users a brighter design on the icons in a break with previous models.

Reception to the iPhone 5S was positive, although Apple’s share price dropped by 5% on the day of the release, and by May the following year the 5s had reportedly sold a whopping 7 million units (2,000,000 of which were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours). Combined with sales of the iPhone 5c, released at the same time, the New York Times reported that nine million handsets were sold in the first weekend, bringing in $35-37 billion in revenue!

According to the Telegraph, in a recent poll, the iPhone 5s ranked as the fifth most popular iPhone model out of 12 counted. From our experience of unlocking the iPhone 5s, it is one of our most in demand handsets to unlock.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s. Case Study One:

Unlocking the iPhone 5s on the 02 Network for a UK building company with a European contract.

A UK based building services company approached Unlock my iPhone to free them from their current network on the O2 service. The problem they faced was that they had to fulfil a four to six month contract in Spain and they wanted to make sure their company issued iPhone 5s handsets all worked on a local carrier. The cost implications for sending out two-dozen employees over such a long time would have been an extra burden to the financial controller, who in turn approached Unlock my iPhone to see if our services could help save him money.

With a total of twenty-eight iPhone 5s handsets to be unlocked, the total price for the unlocking came in nearly £900.00. The unlocks were carried out within a week, at the IMEI level to be sure that any upgrade to the iPhone 5s software wouldn’t interfere with the process at a later date. From a confirmation email on the Thursday afternoon, the iPhone 5s handsets were all unlocked by the following Wednesday.

But the capability that introduced to the team saved them far more money by allowing them to avoid the punitive roaming charges they would have incurred, for mobile use amongst this industry and its employees is characterised by a great number of short length phone calls and text messages. It is estimated that the sum Unlock my iPhone saved the company, over the months they were overseas, would have been several times what they paid for in unlocking their iPhone 5s handsets.

And of course it isn’t just for that contract that the unlocked iPhones have allowed them to save money on. In the first quarter of 2017, the team are expected to undertake work in Belgium, this time for a month-long deployment. Though they won’t save as much as on the previous occasion, the cost savings of having an unlocked iPhone 5s to take advantage of local networks does represent a substantial saving, not to mention the added bonus of allowing the team to move to a network which gives them the best coverage on an unlocked iPhone 5s in the contract locality.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s. Case Study Two:

Unlocking the iPhone 5s on the Orange Network, just in time for the Honeymoon.

Harry and Katie were in their early thirties when they finally decided to tie the knot. Both busy professionals and working all hours and more in London, they decided that their wedding day would signal a new direction in their lives. Having saved up for several years, they planned to take themselves off on a round the world holiday for six months after their special day.

But there was just one problem they didn’t think about: their iPhone 5s handsets were locked to the UK Orange network. It was a problem they only recognised with little more than a week to go before the wedding, to be held in Italy. Desperate, and with time running out before they began their travels, they turned to Unlock my iPhone to see if we could deliver. It turned out to be a wise choice.

We managed to unlock both iPhone 5s handsets with forty-eight hours to go before they boarded their flight to Milan. Following our instructions in our ‘iPhone 5S Unlock Confirmation’ email, they inserted the new SIM cards and ‘trial dialled’ one of the wedding attendees. Everything worked out, and the busy couple were able to head off to Italy for their nuptials and then off round the world for their extended Honeymoon.  

Unlock my iPhone would like to wish the happy couple a wonderful time and would like to raise a glass to helping ‘unlock’ their future together! Bon Voyage!

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  1. O2 network unlocked. 5

    Posted by Jason F. on 22nd Nov 2016

    I was happy with the service for unlocking my O2 iPhone - it all worked very well and it was unlocked within time. Thank you. Jason.

  2. All good. 5

    Posted by Roderick B on 21st Oct 2016

    My 2nd hand iPhone 5s was locked to O2 when I brought it from ebay. I do quite a bit of travelling so having an unlocked phone is quite useful for me as it helps avoid the costs. This site worked well and the O2 network was unlocked with just a day over the estimated time. There were no extra costs and communication was good. Thanks.

  3. Good service. iPhone 5s now unlocked. 5

    Posted by Amy D. on 18th Oct 2016

    Unlocked my phone within the desired time. Can't fault them: good communication, quick service, all worked. Thanks.

  4. Unlocked successfully, but longer than expected. 4

    Posted by Mrs. H. Savage. on 17th Oct 2016

    I ordered my Vodafone unlock on the 03rd October and it came through on the 07th October this year - so a total of 5 working days which was a bit longer than the stated time. I did receive an email saying they were experiencing a delay on it due to the release of the 7, and it was unlocked accordingly. Still, it all works and I would still recommend their service. Thanks.

  5. Unlocked my iPhone in the quoted time. 5

    Posted by Jason V on 10th Oct 2016

    Thanks for unlocking my iPhone 5s. I received the confirmation email within the time quoted and it all worked well when I put in my new SIM card. No problems for me.

  6. Unlock for my iphone 5S worked (Orange network). 5

    Posted by Mia M on 5th Oct 2016

    Took three days to unlock my cell. Kept me updated with progress report and unlock achieved successfully. Thanks

  7. Happy with my unlocked iPhone 5S. 5

    Posted by James B. Eastleigh on 3rd Sep 2016

    "Bought a second hand iPhone that was still locked to its original network. Unlock my iPhone got it unlocked within a week. V. pleased with their service."