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The price you pay to unlock your iPhone 5c will NOT differ from that advertised above. There are NO hidden charges in our service.

We offer a full refund guarantee for any iPhone 5c handset that we fail to unlock.

Some useful information about unlocking your iPhone 5c handset:

Why should I unlock my iPhone 5c?
How do I know if my iPhone 5c is locked or not?
What steps should I take before I unlock my iPhone 5c?
How do I tell if my iPhone 5c is blacklisted or ‘bricked’ prior to unlocking?
Am I allowed to unlock my iPhone 5c? Is unlocking a 5c legal?
How do I find my iPhone 5c handset’s IMEI number to begin the unlocking process?
Common misconceptions about unlocking the iPhone 5c.
What other networks can you unlock for my iPhone 5c?
Unlocking the iPhone 5c: Some interesting facts about the handset.
Case Study One: Unlocking the iPhone 5c for the first year student fresher’s week.
Case Study Two: Unlocking the iPhone 5c for a premium travel blogger and luxury reviewer.

Why should you unlock your iPhone 5c?

There are several benefits to having your iPhone 5c handset unlocked so you can use it on a network of your own choosing.
Unlocking your iPhone 5c allows you to move to a cheaper tariff on the network of your choice. Simply insert the new SIM card of your desired network into the unlocked 5c and take advantage of the cheaper rates. It is not just a cheaper rate that changing network can offer you however: coverage issues are also dependent on networks, so changing them might give you better reception on your unlocked iPhone 5c in your locality.

An unlocked 5c can also sell for more money than one that is locked to a network, as a buyer can use the SIM card and network of their choice with the second-hand 5c handset. If you see what happens to the price of a used handset on the release of a new iPhone, then it makes sense to preserve as much value as you can by getting it unlocked before you sell it on.

And if you’re fond of travel around Europe or further afield, then an unlocked iPhone 5c will allow you to take your handset with you and use foreign networks to avoid any roaming charges.

It is also true that having an unlocked iPhone 5c will allow you to take advantage of any sudden deals that are on the market, as you can jump onto networks that offer such incentives (such as free minutes and texts). The money saved is the obvious advantage, though to make serious savings users do have to be proactive in their bargain hunts, which might not be for everybody as it means frequent SIM card changes.

How do I know if my iPhone 5c is locked?

When you buy a second hand iPhone 5c it is always better to have it unlocked so you can use it on your preferred network. To check the status of the handset and to see if it is locked/unlocked, then simply go to SETTINGS > MOBILE > MOBILE DATA NETWORK. If the iPhone 5c is locked, then the last of those options won’t appear.

But the best method to see if your iPhone is unlocked already is simply to substitute its original SIM card for one of your preferred network. If you can use it successfully on restarting the handset, then your iPhone is already unlocked. If the iPhone 5c is still locked, it will say: “SIM not valid,” on the display.

What steps should I take before I unlock my iPhone 5c?

At Unlock my iPhone, we advise that everyone takes the following actions before they order an unlock service from us (or anyone else!) for their iPhone 5c.

Firstly, check if your iPhone is already unlocked by the methods outlined above. Many people presume their handsets are locked automatically, yet this isn’t always so. Secondly, (and if the iPhone 5c is locked), then it is recommended that you back up all the handset’s data - photos, videos, and contacts etc. This can be done through iTunes and the iCloud. Once that is done then you can find the iPhone 5c’s handset IMEI number (see our section on how to do this, below). After that, and if you are not sure, then you can verify the model of the iPhone in your possession by checking the back cover of your iPhone and seeing the A1*** identification near the bottom.

The iPhone 5c should be one of the following:  A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532.

The final step you should take before unlocking your iPhone 5c is to ensure that the iPhone isn’t blacklisted. Only carriers and networks can blacklist an iPhone so you will need to check it with them to confirm the status of the iPhone. If the 5c handset is blacklisted, then we at Unlock my iPhone can’t help you unlock it, I’m afraid.

How do I tell if my iPhone 5c is blacklisted or ‘bricked’ prior to unlocking?

iPhones that are lost or stolen and have been reported as such by their original owner are blacklisted to prevent them being used. You should always check before you purchase a second-hand iPhone 5c whether this is the case and there are generally two ways of doing this.

The first way is to insert a SIM card from the same network that the iPhone was originally locked to. If it works, it shouldn’t be blacklisted. The second way is to use a third-party checking service, and we would refer you to Checkmend, a useful website for determining the status of iPhone handsets. It isn’t free however, and each check costs £1.99. Still, if it saves you spending £150 on a useless handset that has been bricked by its network, then it is money well spent. So if you buy a second hand iPhone 5c then please ask the seller for the IMEI first and do the check!

Again, it is worth noting here that if your handset is blacklisted, then we cannot unlock your iPhone.

Am I allowed to unlock my iPhone 5c? Is unlocking a 5c legal?

Unlocking an iPhone 5c is NOT illegal in any way, so long as you own the handset (so you have finished paying off your contract or you purchased the iPhone 5c outright). If you are still in the process of paying off the contract, then we would advise that you check with your carrier first to be sure of where you stand.

How do I find my iPhone 5c handset’s IMEI number to begin the unlocking process?

To unlock your iPhone, you will need to provide us with the IMEI number. Every phone and mobile broadband device has a 15 digit IMEI number that us unique to that handset. To find the IMEI, simply take your iPhone 5c and dial the following (without needing to press ‘call’):


The iPhone’s IMEI will then be displayed.

If this doesn’t work, then all is not lost. You can still find the IMEI on an iPhone 5c by simply looking at the back cover. Finally, if that’s obscured or scratched beyond recognition, then open the iPhone 5c and go into SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT > IMEI.

Another way to find the IMEI for your iPhone is via connecting it to iTunes via your PC or Mac. Go to DEVICES > YOUR IPHONE > SUMMARY and the IMEI should be displayed.

Common misconceptions about unlocking the iPhone 5c.

We often receive emails off people who ask us when they can expect to receive their unlock code after purchasing our services to unlock their iPhone 5c. We DO NOT SEND UNLOCK CODES OUT as our unlock procedure does not work in this way: we unlock your iPhone at IMEI level on Apple’s database. Once that is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation from us telling you how to complete the process via iTunes with your new SIM card.

Sometimes, people confuse our unlocking service for the iPhone 5c with what is called Jailbreaking. This process is very different to an IMEI unlock and is actually based around removing the software restrictions on Apple’s iOS systems. The legal basis of this is shaky as it can crossover into Copyright infringement, depending on how the iPhone 5c is used later on, but it is something that we at unlock do not offer, and we never have. Messing around with the iOS of an iPhone 5c attempting a Jailbreak can leave the unit open to exploitation by third parties, and will obviously void your warranty.

What other networks can you unlock for my iPhone 5c?

We can actually unlock a number of networks for the iPhone 5c, but we offer the best service on UK networks. If you have a particular network that you do want us to unlock, (UK, European, or beyond) please contact us and we’ll get back to you with a quote and estimated time.

Unlocking the iPhone 5c: Some interesting facts about the handset.

The iPhone 5c landed in the hands of impatient consumers on the 20th September 2013. In a marketing first for Apple, it was released jointly with the iPhone 5s, which was a higher spec product at a greater price. The 7th generation iPhone was released under the slogan: “For the colourful!” and whilst it was rumoured to be the long-expected ‘cheap iPhone’ it was in fact a mid-range smartphone contender.

The iPhone 5c also marked a change in Apple’s release program: where before previous iPhone handsets would continue to be built and released, with the coming of the iPhone 5c the previous iPhone 5 model was swiftly discontinued. This was done in an effort to persuade consumers that the iPhone 5c was a new product, rather than see sales of the iPhone 5 potentially cannibalise its audience.

The iPhone 5c did lack some of the features that made the iPhone 5s a premium product: there was no Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and the iPhone 5c used the Apple A6 chip that was also used in the iPhone 5 (the 5s used an A7 chip). But by October, the month following its release, the iPhone 5c, though a sturdy little device, was perceived as underachieving due to Apple’s decision to change its supply chain, reflecting a drop in iPhone 5c units being made. Tim Cook’s announcement in its Quarterly Earnings call, that they were surprised at the sales ratios between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c (as they were released at the same time), and ended up overstocking the 5c and not stocking enough of the 5s, shows just what a complex market it is they operate in, and how trying to gauge customer preferences is next to impossible. (Although they would also release subsequent iPhone models simultaneously, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - so lessons must have been learned).

Unlocking the iPhone 5c. Case Study One.

Unlocking the iPhone 5c for first year student fresher’s week.

A ‘Society of welcome’ greeted the first year intake of students at a redbrick university in England. The industrial city is an attractive place for students from all over the world, and many who come to study come to the UK for the first time. The society was organised by 2nd and 3rd year students who wished to ease the burden to these newcomers who were studying the same subject area as they were, and one way in which they decided to do this was to pass on their old handsets to the new fresh intake. The majority of these were iPhone 5c handsets, and the idea is that they would be passed down each following year.

The society approached Unlock my iPhone to make the necessary changes at the IMEI level for the score of handsets, and once they were unlocked a list of apps that would be beneficial to newcomers was loaded on, along with the new SIM card, and the new students were allowed to take their new handsets on the understanding that the following year, they would pass them on.

Unlocking the iPhone 5c. Case Study Two.

Unlocking the iPhone 5c for a premium travel blogger and luxury reviewer.

Istanbul. Samarkand. The Silk Road and the Forbidden City. Wondrous names of far off places, revered throughout time and that now exist in semi-legendary status. But premium travel blogger and ‘mystery shopper’ of leisure and luxury and wild adventure, French woman ‘Eli,’ has visited them all and more. Getting through nearly half a dozen iPhones a year (she lost one in a sky dive, and another one perished by drowning in the contents of a Methuselah of champagne on the Côte d’Azur!), Eli decided that she should stick with an older model that wouldn’t be too much of a loss after its inevitable demise in what would surely be an interesting and noteworthy way! (We at Unlock my iPhone have a sneaking suspicion she does it deliberately).

With the nature of her work both fast-moving and transient, Eli needs to have an unlocked iPhone that can send photos as she documents her experiences and makes notes for her blog. Finding herself in some far off places, often with very weak coverage (off the Dutch coast exploring drowned and submerged islands, or trekking amongst the mountains of Crete to research the goat paths used by the resistance in World War 2), the ability to jump from one network to another is an absolute key requirement to ensure that she has the best possible coverage in any country.

It is testament to our service that Eli keeps coming back to us with ever more outrageous claims of her latest iPhone's demise, for us to unlock her latest handset. Let’s just hope her unlocked iPhone 5c lasts for a little longer than 3 months this time! No more skydiving or champagne for you, Eli! 

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  1. Excellent. 5

    Posted by David. D on 27th Oct 2016

    Thanks for unlocking my iPhone 5c. The process worked very smoothly and was easy to understand.

  2. My daughter's phone is now unlocked. 5

    Posted by Martin D. on 17th Oct 2016

    Thanks to the team at Unlock my iPhone for their help with this. Just in time for my daughter to go to university with - now I can keep in touch with her in Italy with ease. Cheer. Martin.

  3. Thanks for the great service. iPhone 5C unlocked (Three network) 5

    Posted by Susan R. on 4th Oct 2016

    Thanks for the great service and polite responses to my questions. Phone working now too - thanks for talking me through how to back up my phone on iTunes too.